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DBit for Microsoft Teams

Can be used all within microsoft teams

DBit Password management solutions with less hassle.

Share passwords between Team members safely and securely all within Microsoft Teams.

Need more password management capability? We got you covered, we now feature a COMPLETE Password Manager solution built into our App for Microsoft Teams.
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Share Passwords & Generate Passwords

A free feature of our DBit password management solution Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our app integrations directly into Micorosft Teams. Allowing your team members to easily share and store in one location.

Web App Version

Beyond Microsoft Teams, our app works in a modern web browsers as well.

End to End Encryption

Vault data is encrypted on the client and when resting on the cloud server data can only be read by the creator, you!

Private Vaults

Team Members of your oraganization can store their private passwords in their own private vaults within DBit.

Shared Vaults

Shared Vaults allow users to add/remove/edit/view vault items while sharing them based on permissions set. For example, a shared vault could be "Marketing Team" and only the marketing team member users have access to this shared vault.

Vault Items

Create one or many vault items in a private or shared vault. Conveniently access them and use them to do your daily work.

Picture Keypad Recaliable Password

This is a special password generator feature that allows you to take a picture keypad, enter in a pin, and get a recallable password. This means you can now generate a up to 512 character long strong complex password everytime given you use the same picture and pin everytime!

Manage Organization

Administrators can manage their organization's details.

Manage Permissions

You can set who can manage permissions and allow them to manage permissions of shared vaults.

Password Generator

Generate random long strong and complex passwords easily.

More To Come

Stay tuned for more!

Easy to use interface

Private & Shared Vaults

Store your passwords in private & shared vaults.
Adding Vault Items into a vault

Vault Items

Allow team members to access permission controlled shared vaults items.
Generate Strong Passwords

Customizable Password Generator

Generate long strong complex passwords
Check the health of your passwords

Password Health Report

Reused? Weak? Strong Password? Run a report and find out quickly.

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Microsoft Teams + DBit Password Solutions Pricing Options

From small company to big time, see our pricing options beneath

Basic DBit Password Solutions for Microsoft Teams


  • Password Sharing in Microsoft Teams
  • Generate Passwords in Microsoft Teams
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DBit Password Manager - Business Subscription

$4.00 USD/mo per user

  • All of Basic
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Web App Version
  • Two-factor authentication
  • End to end encryption
  • Vault Items
  • Private Vaults
  • Shared Vaults
  • Picture Keypad Recallable Password
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Organization
  • Manage Permissions
  • Password Generator
  • Tutorials

Paid Annually

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DBit Password Manager - Enterpise Subscription

$6.00 USD/mo per user

  • All of Basic & Business
  • Microsoft Teams Single Sign On
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign On

Paid Annually

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  • Q. What is DBit?

      A Password Management Solution

      That's right DBit is a password management solution for you and your team. Share Passwords securely over chat.

  • Q. Who is DBit for?

      Small to Large teams

      Have a need to share password? Dbit is for you. Have a need to generate a long strong complex password? DBit is for you.

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